Inspire &Motivate

David Nomchong

Workshops, keynotes, seminars, coaching.

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Coach &Mentor

a personal guide

Sales management, personal development.

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Leader Skills

build teams and grow sales

Manage, motivate and develop leaders.

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About Nomchong

David Nomchong has been supplying Inspiration, Motivation, Sales and Management Training to the Direct Sales Industry for over 35 years. Changing attitudes, building teams and inspiring leadership has been the cornerstone of his success.

Nomchong coaches sales managers and sales leaders, operating in highly competitive environments, on how to build effective teams, run incentive and recognition programs and build esprit de corp.

He is the author of the inspirational book, Leukaemia, A Minor Inconvenience.


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Event News

Leukaemia A Minor Inconvenience Nomchong's inspirational book teaches you life lessons and the value of not being a victim of your circumstances. Read the reviews here. Sales Training 8 Week Cycle - DVD's. Effective Sales Skills for network marketers and the self employed. Understand the sales process, how to make an effective presentation, prospecting, recruiting, handling objections and much more... Cycle repeats every 8 weeks, join the cycle at any lesson.

Register Here: Adelaide 16th & 17th June Personal Leadership Seminar. 2 days of life changing information and discovery. Book now. Register Here:
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