What Participants Say

Stage View

I just have to tell you how enlightening and valuable your course is. I've never done any training so hands on, we had an awesome group and the synergy was amazing, but I think it was your honesty and your skill at making us dig deep and see the truth, about our selves, our industry and even the way we live our lives.

I now know that I can have complete control of my finances, awesome goal setting abilities like never before and true balance and success in my life, all thanks to two days with you! Reece and I are extremely thankful for your time this weekend and determined to look at everything that would have been "major" before, as a minor inconvenience lol. Bring on the next course I say! Thanks again, Dee & Reece Herbert.

You’re obviously someone who doesn’t pull punches and once you began our session, it is clear that you are dedicated to helping others succeed and become all that they can become.

I hope that you will continue to mentor representatives, because you have so much to offer. Judith Silva

I must say I’ve been on so many courses etc.   I am so impressed by the really large number of people in my team who are serious about implementing what they have learnt…that’s not typical in my experience and to me shows the relevance and practical nature of what you taught people. Julie Rosenberg
Keep up the good work David! Your true calling is obiviously changing lives and allowing us to achieve "abundance". A genuine insightful presenter. Peter Crowe.

Coach for Corporate Executives

David Nomchong has been supplying Inspiration, Motivation, Sales and Management Training to the Direct Sales Industry for over 35 years.

Changing attitudes, building teams and inspiring leadership has been the cornerstone of his success.

Founding President of Mannatech Australia in one year he built a commission only sales force of over 22,000 distributors delivering $20 million in sales. Working in 11 countries, 8 in the Asia Pacific region he has held positions as Sales Director, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, General Manager and President for a number of leading direct sellers including Isagenix (Asia Pacific), GNLD International, Success Motivation Institute, L’Arome International, Agel and ACN Inc.

Nomchong coaches sales managers and sales leaders, operating in highly competitive environments, on how to build effective teams, run incentive and recognition programs and build esprit de corp.

A Founding President of the National Speakers Association of Australia and a Lifetime Member of the Platform Professionals Nomchong has presented to over 100,000 direct sellers in 11 countries.

Nomchong’s early training as an officer in the Australian Army prepared him for a career of leadership and training teams of disciplined effective people. He has facilitated Miller and Heinman’s Strategic Selling program and the Hersey and Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model and applied them in companies he has run.

He is available to coach your key executives in the art of direct selling and network marketing.


Coach & Mentor for Independent Agents

As you know this is a special relationship, which requires a serious investment in time and mind space for both parties.  As your coach and mentor our first priority is your highest good and welfare, you are the focus. This means we have to necessarily have a frank and honest relationship, were there is complete trust and you need to accept that we will offer our opinions on the basis that you have the final say as to your actions and behaviours and you must take total responsibility for those actions and behaviours.

We see it as our responsibility to challenge and grow you and not to do for you what you must do for yourself, but rather to guide you through the process of discovery without judgment or criticism of you as an individual. We may from time to time judge your actions and behaviours as part of the coaching process. A specific time each week is appointed for for phone coaching. This also means that if you miss a coaching session, you forfeit that session. The format of the coaching call will have flexibility in it, however for you to get the most of each call it would be advisable to have your issues defined and written down. You may find it more convenient to email your issues prior to the call, so that we can also maximize the use of the talk time. Your program also entitles you to unlimited email access and response. The essential purpose of the email access is for me to be able to answer quick issues without using up your phone coaching time.

We keep a detailed log of our meetings, conversations and emails; this serves to help us keep track of your issues, commitments and achievements. You are welcome to have access to these records. All your information will remain confidential and will not be discussed with any person without your personal authority.